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Class Expectations:

(1)    Be On Task
•    Be on time for class.  This means in your seat when the bell rings and working on your bellwork.  Pencils must also be sharpened before the bell rings.  No exceptions!
•    Participate by completing class work when it is assigned.
•    Work quickly and quietly on individual assignments.  Work cooperatively on group assignments.
•    Follow directions promptly and accurately.  The more prompt you are, the more PAT you will earn (See below for more information).

(2)    Be Responsible
•    Have all assignments completed on time.  Late Work will be accepted for 1/2 credit! 
•    Plan ahead for restroom needs.  You just came from a BREAK!

(3)    Be Respectful
•    Avoid disruptive behavior: talking out of turn, tapping on the desk, throwing materials or any other behavior that distracts from classroom activities. 
•    Raise a hand to speak.  Do not shout out answers unless the teacher asks you to do so. 
•    Leave other people’s belongings alone.
•    Report any marks or writing on your desk at the beginning of the period.  Failure to do this will result in student cleaning his/her desk, regardless of fault.

(4)    Be Courteous
•    Demonstrate courtesy towards Mr. Fosseneuve and fellow class members by using kind words.
•    Speak nicely to one another.  No Put-Downs and No “Shut Up” please.
•    Food and drinks (besides water) are not allowed in the classroom.  Violation of this rule will result in cleanup of the classroom.

(5)    Be Appropriate
•    Remember the classroom is an academic setting and topics of conversation, comments, and words should be professional in nature.
•    Vulgar language is Never appropriate!  Violation of this rule will result in an essay explaining why such language is unprofessional in an academic setting.

(6)    Be Cooperative
•    Work cooperatively with group members.  This means not putting people down for their inadequacies, but being a leader and inspiring others to live up to their full potential.  Remember yelling at, putting down, or threatening group members is not a way to inspire them to work harder.